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GBVDB 15 Year Anniversary: This website launched 15 years ago on 11/3/2003.

Since then....
  • GBV have released 11 more albums. The most recent GBV album at the time was Earthquake Glue.
  • Robert Pollard has released 19 more solo albums. Only NIMA, Waved Out, Kid Marine and Motel Of Fools existed when the site launched in 2003.
  • Circus Devils released 11 more albums. Only Ringworm Interiors, Harold Pig and Pinball Mars were around in November of 2003.
Congrats to the winners of the 3 giveaways of Bob-related music that were done on 11/3: Chris (Postal Blowfish giveaway), Luke (Disarm The Settlers giveaway), and Billy (GBVDB giveaway).

On This Day In GBV History: December 11
1999 - Guided By Voices - Metro - Chicago, IL, U.S.A.
1999 - Guided By Voices - High Dive - Champaign, IL, U.S.A.

Daily Trivia
Before joining GBV, Kevin March drummed for the Dambuilders and Those Bastard Souls, among others. Those Bastard Souls opened for GBV on one of their tours.
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