GBV Tracklistings 1995 & 1996

  Original Power Of Suck Demos (?)   The Power Of Suck Demos   The Power Of Suck 2LP   Freedom Cruise LP   The Flying Party Is Here (Version 1)   The Flying Party is Here (Version 2)   Under The Bushes (1st Draft)   Under The Bushes Under The Stars
  Dec 1994 or Jan 1995?   January or February 1995?   Feb 1995 (before recording w/ Albini & at Easley)   Early to mid 1995?   Maybe Summer 1995?   Late Summer, Early Fall 1995 ? (was mastered but then scrapped?)   Oct or Nov 1995 ? (Replaced Flying Party V.2)   Dec 1995 or Jan 1996 ? (Final Tracklisting)
1 Pantherz 1 Pantherz 1 Pantherz 1 Sensational Gravity Boy 1 Deaf Ears    1 Big Boring Wedding 1 Man Called Aerodynamics 1 Man Called Aerodynamics
2 Debbie X (I Am Decided) 2 In Previous Trials (aka Stingy Queens) 2 Imperial Racehorsing     2 The Official Ironmen Rally Song    2 Ex-Aviates (aka Why Did You Land) 2 A Life In Finer Clothing 2 Rhine Jive Click
3 Trader Vic 3 Trader Vic 3 The Color Of My Blade   + Other unknown songs recorded for the album 3 Cocksoldiers (aka Sheetkickers) 3 Unbeknown Meters (aka A Life in Finer Clothing) 3 Rhine Jive Click    3 Cut-Out Witch
4 Bug House 4 Bug House 4 (No Title - snippet from Is She Ever?)     4 Key Losers    4 He's the Uncle 4 Burning Flag Birthday Suit    4 Burning Flag Birthday Suit
5 Speak Like Men 5 Drag Days 5 Redmen & Their Wives     5 Why Did You Land?    5 Deaf Ears 5 The Official Ironmen Rally Song    5 The Official Ironmen Rally Song
6 He's The Uncle 6 Sheetkickers 6 Sheetkickers   NOTE: Mentioned by Tobin in an interview. 6 He's The Uncle    6 The Official Ironmen Rally Song 6 Not In My Airforce (aka Roofer's Union Fight Song) 6 To Remake The Young Flyer
7 Pink Drink 7 I Am Decided 7 Beekeeper Seeks Ruth   He said that a whole Freedom Cruise album  7 The Winter Cows 7 Cocksoldiers (aka Sheetkickers) 7 Systems Crash    7 No Sky
8 Why Did You Land? 8 Pink Drink 8 Drag Days   was recorded - maybe with the Deal sisters? 8 Drag Days    8 Systems Crash 8 The Worryin' Song    8 Bright Paper Werewolves
9 Are You Faster? 9 He's The Uncle 9 Cocksoldiers And Their Post-War Stubble     9 Big Boring Wedding    9 Post-Everlasting (aka Beneath a Festering Moon) 9 Plantations Of Pale Pink (aka Subtle Gear Shifting) 9 Lord Of Overstock
10 Sheetkickers 10 Speak Like Men 10 The Winter Cows     10 Kind Sister Repeater (aka A Contest Featuring Human Beings) 10 June Salute's You 10 Postal Blowfish [New Version]    10 Your Name Is Wild
    11 Sweeping Bones 11 Bughouse     11 It's Like Soul Man    11 Drag Days 11 Applehead (aka The Ash Gray Proclamation) 11 Ghosts Of A Different Dream
    12 Don't Stop Now 12 The Key Losers     12 Bender's Bluffing Muscles    12 Bender's Bluffing Muscles 12 He's The Uncle    12 Acorns & Orioles
    13 Why Did You Land? 13 Big Boring Wedding     13 Systems Crash    13 Delayed Reaction Brats 13 Bender's Bluffing Muscles    13 Look At Them
    14 Superwhore 14 Pink Drink     14 Redmen And Their Wives    14 It's Like Soul Man 14 Delayed Reaction Brats    14 The Perfect Life
    15 Redmen And Their Wives 15 Pluto The Skate     15 Take To The Sky    15 The Key Losers 15 Key Losers    15 Underwater Explosions
    16 Color Of My Blade 16 Are You Faster?     16 Don't Stop Now    16 Redmen and Their Wives 16 Catfood On The Earwig    16 Atom Eyes
    17 Are You Faster? 17 He's The Uncle     17 Applehead (aka The Ash Gray Proclamation) 17 Newton's Hopeless Marriage (aka Take to the Sky) 17 Uprooted Before Seeding (aka The Who Vs. Porky Pig) 17 Don't Stop Now
    18 My Feet's Trustworthy Existance 18 (No Title - snippet from Drag Me Down aka The Stir-Crazy Pornographer)         18 Don't Stop Now 18 Don't Stop Now    18 Office Of Hearts
    19 Cocksoldiers And Their Post-War Stubble 19 Universal Nurse Finger         19 Stingy Queens (aka Applehead aka The Ash Gray Proclamation) 19 Cooler Jocks    19 Big Boring Wedding
    20 The Official Ironmen Rally Song 20 I Am Decided             20 Office Of Hearts    20 It's Like Soul Man
    21 Amazed 21 Not Good For The Mechanism             21 Take To The Sky    21 Drag Days
    22 Pluto The Skate 22 Official Ironmen Rally Song             22 Redmen And Their Wives    22 Sheetkickers
        23 Why Did You Land?             23 Sheetkickers    23 Redmen And Their Wives
        24 I Saw The Jackrabbit (aka Superwhore)             24 Drag Days    24 Take To The Sky
        25 Don't Stop Now             25 It's Like Soul Man       
                        26 Big Boring Wedding     Songs Added: Cut-Out Witch, To Remake The
      Songs Added: In Previous Trials, Drag Days,                       Young Flyer, No Sky, Bright Paper Werewolves,
      Sweeping Bones, Don't Stop Now, Superwhore,    Songs Added: Imperial Racehorsing, Is She Ever?, Beekeeper Seeks Ruth,        Songs Added: Deaf Ears, Kind Sister Repeater, It's Like Soul   Songs Added: A Life In Finer Clothing, Beneath A Festering Moon   Songs Added: Man Called Aerodynamics, Rhine Jive   Lord Of Overstock, Your Name Is Wild, Ghosts Of
      Redmen And Their Wives, Color Of My Blade,    The Winter Cows, The Key Losers, Big Boring Wedding, Drag Me Down,        Man, Bender's Bluffing Muscles, Systems Crash, Take To The    , June Salutes You!, Delayed Reaction Brats   Click, Burning Flag Birthday Suit, Plantations Of Pale Pink,   A Different Dream, Acorns & Orioles, Look At 
      Cocksoldiers And Their Post-War Stubble, The    Universal Nurse Finger, Not Good For The Mechanism       Sky, Applehead       Postal Blowfish, Catfood On The Earwig, Office Of   Them, The Perfect Life, Underwater Explosions,
      Official Ironmen Rally Song, Amazed                   Hearts, Not In My Airforce, The Worryin' Song, Uprooted   Atom Eyes
          Songs Dropped: In Previous Trials, Trader Vic, Speak Like Men, Sweeping       Songs Dropped: Pantherz, Imperial Racehorsing, The Color Of   Songs Dropped: The Winter Cows, Kind Sister Repeater   Before Seeding, Cooler Jocks    
      Old Songs Added (both recorded in 1992?): My    Bones, My Feet's Trustworthy Existance, Amazed       My Blade, Is She Ever?, Beekeeper Seeks Ruth, Cocksoldiers            Songs Dropped: Systems Crash, Uprooted Before
      Feet's Trustworthy Existance, Pluto The Skate           And Their Post-War Stubble, Bughouse, Pink Drink, Pluto The        Songs Dropped: Why Did You Land?, Deaf Ears, June   Seeding, Catfood On The Earwig, A Life In Finer 
                  Skate, Are You Faster?, Drag Me Down, Universal Nurse       Salutes You!, Beneath A Festering Moon   Clothing, The Worryin' Song, Plantations Of Pale Pink,
          POSSIBLE TITLES:       Finger, I Am Decided, Not Good For The Mechanism, I Saw The           He's The Uncle, Delayed Reaction Brats, Key Losers,
                  Jackrabbit           Postal Blowfish, Not In My Airforce, Applehead, 
          Mustard Man & Mother Monkey                   Cooler Jocks, Bender's Bluffing Muscles
          A Special Astrology For The Warlock's Tour               POSSIBLE TITLES:    
          The Power Of Suck                   POSSIBLE TITLES:
          The Flying Party               The World Series Of Psychic Phenomena    
                          Plantations Of Pale Pink   Under The Bushes Under The Trees