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The Tropic Of Nipples EP [Split]

Richard Meltzer, Robert Pollard, Smegma & Antler

Released: 02/04/2002
Format: 7" EP
Label: Off Records
Catalog #: 999
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 12
Front Cover
Back Cover
Insert Image #1
Insert Image #2
Pressing Details
Vinyl Color # Pressed
Green Marble 1000 
Dead Wax Inscriptions
Side Inscription
A Sarcuccoca Confusa
B Sarcuccoca Confusa
Original Off Records release info:

Robert Pollard (the genius behind GUIDED BY VOICES) joins forces with RICHARD MELTZER (author of "A Whore Like All The Rest"; former music critic for Creem, Crawdaddy and lyricist for BLUE OYSTER CULT) to create one sick little puppy of a release. Featuring 12 unreleased songs that bubble and burn with the musical backings of the psychedlic stylings of legendary 70's noise outfits SMEGMA and ANTLER. OFF RECORDS is releasing this exclusive 7" 33 rpm offering in an edition of 1000 on green colored vinyl with a lyric book.

OFF RECORDS will be shipping in late January to meet the Feb. 4th release date.

GBVDB Database note: Actual artist name listed on this EP is "Richard Meltzer, Robert Pollard, Smegma & Antler". Both this EP and the CD (which also includes tracks from Vom) are listed under the "Richard Meltzer, Robert Pollard, Smegma & Antler & Vom" in the database since only 2 recordings are associated with that artist. Just to keep things simple.
The Tropic Of Nipples EP
Side A
2.   Antler  -  Ovarian Angel Architect 0:45
4.   Antler  -  Industry Standard 1:08
6.   Antler  -  Mosquitoes Dropped Their Javelins 0:22
Side B
1.   Antler  -  Pressurized 1:09
3.   Antler  -  All For Sex And Better Whiskey 1:31
5.   Antler  -  Tykie Love (Text Book Memorial Hemmingway) 0:57
Total Length: 10:56