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Bee Thousand Outtakes

Guided By Voices

This is a list of outtakes, b-sides, or demos for an album. This is not an actual release.
Released: 1994
Format: Album Outtakes
Catalog #:
From Scat's website: For historical purposes, here's a list of other songs that were included in some version or other of Bee Thousand before the final sequence was decided upon. Most of the songs in the list are actually rather older recordings and are really outtakes from earlier LPs. Some of these songs turned up in the Suitcase boxed set (SC) or the Fast Japanese Spin Cycle ep (FJ), others remain unreleased (*). It should be noted that Suitcase erroneously credits a few songs as Bee Thousand outtakes which are in fact not. So altogether, a total of 65 different songs were considered for the album at one time or another. Scissors And The Clay Ox (In) is listed as a Bee Thousand outtake in Suitcase but according to Scat's website that track was not considered for Bee Thousand.
Bee Thousand Outtakes
Contains multiple tracks, including:
2nd Moves To Twin
At Odds With Dr. Genesis
Break Even [Rough Version]
Crocker's Favorite Song
Crunch Pillow
Dank Star Ground Control
Deathtrot And Warlock Riding A Rooster
Dusted [Solo Version]
Good For A Few Laughs
Hello Song 1:59
I'll Buy You A Bird
Indian Was An Angel
It's Like Soul Man [4 Track Version]
Kisses To The Crying Cooks
My Valuable Hunting Knife [Shernoff Version]
Navy Girl Song
Perch Warble
Postal Blowfish
Rainbow Billy
Revolution Boy
Shit Midas
Shocker In Gloomtown [Early Version]
Stabbing A Star
Supermarket The Moon
The Hard Way [Solo Version]
Tobacco's Last Stand
Unleashed! [Rough Version]
Way To A Man's Heart
What Are We Coming Up To?
Why Did You Land? [Slow Version]
Zoning The Planet
Total Length: 01:59