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Propeller [ReIssue]

Guided By Voices

Reissued: 11/08/2005
Released: 1992
Format: LP
Label: Scat
Catalog #: 49
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 15
Scat Records release info:

This is the first stand-alone pressing since the original 1992 run of 500 individually decorated albums. There will be two jacket designs available, using Bob's art from Propeller #1 and #14. Click either cover above for larger versions. One of the two jacket designs is limited to 1000 copies, but we won't tell you which one - in the name of stampede prevention, if you will. The jackets are the old school 'tip-on' style - actual cardboard shells with printed wraps. They're more durable than your typical jacket and very attractive. The back covers are identical aside from a few credits. There will also be a heavyweight insert picturing a bit under 100 of the original jacket designs. Mastering is unchanged from "Box" pressings. That was a good DMM master and since the copper parts are as archival as you can get, there was really no need to remaster. Virgin vinyl.

Old release info:

This vinyl pressing of the Propeller album will be in an extra thick old school jacket. Fans voted for their favorite version of the cover art. Release info: Due in early summer is a vinyl reissue of GBV's Propeller LP on Scat Records. The original LP had many different handmade cover designs, and this reissue will feature the cover from Propeller #1.
Side A
1.   Over The Neptune/Mesh Gear Fox 5:41
2.   Weed King 2:39
3.   Particular Damaged 1:59
4.   Quality Of Armor 2:37
5.   Metal Mothers 3:18
6.   Lethargy 1:20
Side B
1.   Unleashed! The Large-Hearted Boy 1:59
2.   Red Gas Circle 1:25
3.   Exit Flagger 2:19
4.   14 Cheerleader Coldfront 1:31
5.   Back To Saturn X Radio Report 1:33
6.   Ergo Space Pig 2:48
7.   Circus World 2:40
8.   Some Drilling Implied 1:40
9.   On The Tundra 2:38
Total Length: 36:07
Other Formats
Label - Catalog [Format] (Country) # Tracks
Scat - 40-1 [6 LP Box Set] (U.S.A.) * 87
Scat - 49 [CD] (U.S.A.) 15
Scat - 49 [CD, Reissue] (U.S.A.) 15
Scat - 49 [LP, Reissue] (U.S.A.) 15
Scat - 49-2 [CD, Reissue] (U.S.A.) 15
Scat - 49-4 [Cassette] (U.S.A.) 15
Click here for more info on Propeller & handmade covers
* Title is part of Multi-Disc Set

Album Credits