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Lost Planets & Phantom Voices

Tobin Sprout

Released: 02/25/2003
Format: LP
Label: Luna
Catalog #: LUNA64
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 13
Front Cover
Back Cover
Back Cover Closeup
Pressing Details
Vinyl Color # Pressed
Orange 400 
Dead Wax Inscriptions
Side Inscription
A Woodnut
B Millard
Release info:Tobin's first new solo album since 1999's 'Let's Welcome The Circus People'! Welcome to Tobin Sprout’s new universe, filled with lost planets and phantom voices. ‘Lost Planets & Phantom Voices’ is a decidedly more organic and atmospheric venture compared to ‘Wrinkled Thoughts’-the 2000 release from Tobin’s full band effort Eyesinweasel. ‘Lost Planets’ shows Mr. Sprout heading back to the basement and tackling the majority of the producing and engineering duties himself. This blissed-out recording (replete with delightful tape saturation - bathed in analog warmth) perfectly captures Sprout’s warm, lissome vocals, electric drones that stand majestically in waves of psychedelic fuzz and painterly instrumentation that has been a constant in the Sprout canon.

Tobin plays the majority of the instruments on ‘Phantom Voices,’ but he also called upon some old friends for assistance: Nick Kizirnis (lead guitarist from the ‘Wrinkled Thoughts’ era, Mulchmen), Jim Macpherson (Guided By Voices, Breeders), Dan O’Connor (Mink), and indie-rock darlings, The Impossible Shapes.

Comes with a button. "Catch The Sun" and "Martini" from the film "Fortunes".
Lost Planets & Phantom Voices
Side A
1.   Indian Ink 1:55
2.   Doctor #8 2:29
3.   Catch The Sun 2:30
4.   All Those Things We've Done 3:04
5.   Martini 3:30
6.   Rub Your Buddah Tummy 3:15
7.   Courage The Tack 3:13
Side B
1.   Earth Links 2:06
2.   As Lovely As You 2:50
3.   Shirley The Rainbow 2:49
4.   Fortunes Theme No. 1 1:52
5.   Cleansing From The Storm 4:27
6.   Let Go Of My Beautiful Balloon 6:01
Total Length: 40:01
Other Formats
Label - Catalog [Format] (Country) # Tracks
Luna - LUNA64 [CD] (U.S.A.) 13