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It'll Be Such A Thrill

Doug Gillard

Released: 1990
Format: Cassette
Catalog #:
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 21
Front Cover
Back Cover
From Doug Gillard: "Except for the first 2 songs, this is comprised of recordings of a show-offy 5 to 9 year old kid, recorded on a JC Penney 1-track reel to reel the family bought to keep in touch with my sister who lived in Germany at the time. Mostly about animals-- dogs and worms and the like -- and cartoons, and stuff I made up walking thru the corn/bean fields around the rented farmhouse we lived in in Northern Central Ohio. Decided, around 1989, to compile the best ones and release them on a cassette, which Robert Griffin then agreed to make available to the public thru his Scat Records distribution channels."
It'll Be Such A Thrill
Side A
1.   Jingle Bells / 12-bar Boogie [With David H. Gillard, guitar]
2.   We Love Our Mommies
3.   We Love Our Mommies II
4.   Instead Of Doggy Cornered, They've Got Me Kitty Cornered
5.   "Kimba" Theme
6.   Stubby Waltz
7.   Chinese Dog
8.   Chinese Dog [Revisited]
9.   There's A Bird On Me
10.  Animal Parade
11.  I LIke Being A Crocodile
12.  Untitled [Musicbox]
13.  Untitled [Guitar]
14.  My Dog Was Snoopin' Around One Day
Side B
1.   Elephant's In His Cage
2.   Nonsense Song
3.   Weird Blues Song
4.   More Blues
5.   It'll Be Such A Thrill
6.   Boogie Woogie Rhythm (2 string blues)
7.   Wolf On The Couch