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Doug Gillard

Released: 10/19/2004
Format: CD
Label: Pink Frost/Big Takeover Records
Catalog #: PFCD-001
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 14
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Back Cover
Press Release
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Release Notes: Noted Guided By Voices lead guitarist Doug Gillard steps out with his first solo LP, Salamander, the first release on new Big Takeover magazine affiliated label, Pink Frost records, in association with Redeye Distribution. Since 1996, Clevelandís Gillard has been the lead guitar hero and Robert Pollardís main foil in GBV, on classic LPs like Do the Collapse, Isolation Drills, and the new Half Smiles of the Decomposed. (The pair also collaborated on the Gillard/Pollard LP Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department and the Lifeguards Mist King Urth.) He was formerly a mainstay of legendary late í80s Cleveland rockers Death Of Samantha and the powerful í90s band Cobra Verde. On his own, heís led cult-favorites Gem (his 1996 song "I am a Tree," was re-recorded by GBV), and did a five-song solo EP as Malamute Jute in 1999. Heís also played on LPs by Superdrag/V-Roys writer Mic Harrison, Yuji Oniki, My Dad Is Dead, and The Mice. Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins even cited Gillard as the inspiration for his guitar solo in their hit "The Middle." Now, at long last, Gillard releases a fully-realized solo LP full of rich textures, fully formed, indelible pop songs, and an overflowing bag of hooks. Standouts such as the furious strumming of "Symbols, Signs," the upbeat "Going Back (to You)," the reflective, shimmering "Wait For You," the Nick Drake-like folkpop of "Present," the deliciously catchy "Valpolicella," and the Who-like power-pop tantalizer "Fate, Say it Again" are challenging and immediately hummable, full of his distinctive, recognizable, edgy guitar licks. The talented Gillard even plays all the instruments, guitar, drums, bass, piano, percussion, and vocals-other than three songs that Jon Wurster (Superchunk, Jay Farrar, Marah) drums, and some violins.

KEY POINTS: * GBV are currently in the midst of a fall farewell-tour bow prior to disbanding. Gillard solo live dates to follow. * Label is a brand new subsidiary of The Big Takeover magazine, an indie-rock powerhouse/staple. CD will be promoted heavily on Big Takeover web site, huge email list, and exclusive Yahoo list. * Gillard appears in various GBV films and the recent video for "Someday" by The Strokes playing the game show Family Feud.
1.   Valpolicella
2.   Wait For You
3.   Going Back (To You)
4.   Present
5.   Momma
6.   Me & The Wind
7.   Give Me Something
8.   Blockout
9.   Symbols, Signs
10.  Landmarks (In My Mind)
11.  Fate, Say It Again
12.  Drip-Nose Boy
13.  Cape And Bay
14.  (But) I See Something
Album Credits
Role Name
Instruments Doug Gillard
Percussion Doug Gillard