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Guided By Beer

Guided By Voices

Format: Fan Rarity Compilation
Catalog #:
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 30
Was made before any of the other rarities tapes, and probably before Box came out, because it includes a bunch of the songs that were unreleased before Box but were included on King Shit and the Golden Boys. The only songs on here that aren't on another rarities tape (usually with better fidelity) are the last four.
Guided By Beer
1.   Not A Bad Thing
2.   Nobody Opens Their Eyes
3.   The Goldheart Festering Moon Directory [Acoustic Version]
4.   Stumbling Blocks To Stepping Stones
5.   Uncle Dave
6.   Settlement Down
7.   Sea Of Clover
8.   Why Did You Land? [Slow Version]
9.   Captain Is Gone (Home By Ten)
10.  Shit Midas
11.  Bloody Sonic Liar
12.  House To Home To Catacomb
13.  Soul Flyer
14.  Find Me A Woman
15.  Tractor Rape Chain (Clean It Up)
16.  New World Rising (Up We Go)
17.  Step Into My World
18.  Above The Seaside
19.  Revolution Boy
20.  You And Nobody Else
21.  The Goldheart Festering Moon Directory [Electric Version]
22.  Troopers In The Town
23.  Whiskey On Your Breath
24.  Run
25.  Isn't It A Lot & It's So Far 3:23
26.  Each Man Who Knows You
27.  Stand Up
28.  Dancing With My Gun
29.  Time Time Time
30.  Industrial Morning
Total Length: 03:23