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All That Glue

Guided By Voices

This is a list of songs that were to appear on this proposed/aborted/unreleased album. This is not an actual release.
Released: 1993
Format: Proposed/Aborted Album
Catalog #:
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 17
This was the 1st working version of Bee Thousand. Was going to be called "Revolution Boy" but it was scratched out on the cassette and "All That Glue" was written in (seen in B1000 Director's Cut).
All That Glue
Side A
1.   Greenface
2.   Postal Blowfish
3.   Queen Of Cans And Jars
4.   Twig
5.   Why Did You Land? [Slow Version]
6.   Smothered In Hugs
7.   Bite
8.   Shit Midas
9.   Stabbing A Star
Side B
1.   Crunch Pillow
2.   Crayola
3.   Hello Song 1:59
4.   Indian Was An Angel
5.   Scissors
6.   2nd Moves To Twin
7.   Way To A Man's Heart
8.   The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
Total Length: 01:59