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Briefcase 2 (Suitcase 2 Abridged - The Return Of Milko Waif)

Guided By Voices

Released: 10/04/2005
Format: LP
Label: Fading Captain Series
Catalog #: 38
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 18
Pressing Details
Vinyl Color # Pressed
Blue 1500 
Luna Release Info: A leaner and easier to swallow version of the 4 cd box set 'Suitcase 2' released on the same day. 'The Return of Milko Waif' features TWO exclusive tracks not found on any other Guided By Voices release. One of those two is the highly sought-after, and incredibly great "Superwhore" recorded by Mr. Albini in Chicago.

RobertPollard.net release info: And as with the previous Suitcase, there is also another Briefcase release!!

#38 in the Fading Captain Series - Briefcase 2 : The Return of Milko Waif; a vinyl only "best of" Suitcase release. This time Briefcase features TWO tracks that have never been released and are not on Suitcase.
Briefcase 2 (Suitcase 2 Abridged - The Return Of Milko Waif)
Side C
1.   Headache Revolution [Original Version]
2.   I Am Decided
3.   Mannequin's Complaint
4.   Your Charming Proposal
5.   Supersonic Love Funky Love Gun
6.   Sinister Infrared Halo
7.   Perch Warble [Different Version]
8.   What About The Rock?
Side D
1.   Lion W/ Thorn In Paw [Bonus Track]
2.   Invisible Train To Earth
3.   You're Not The Queen Anymore
4.   Metro XVI
5.   Daughter Of The Gold Rush
6.   Sordid Forst
7.   Lonely Town
8.   My Dream Making Machine
9.   Superwhore [Bonus Track]
10.  Bye Bye Song