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Meet The King: Asshole 2 [Live, Bootleg]

Robert Pollard

Released: 01/02/2007
Format: LP
Label: Yuk Yuk Motherfucker
Catalog #: 2
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 19
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Front Cover
ORIGINAL RELEASE INFO: Meet the King: Asshole 2. It's the second comedy (read: stage banter) album from Robert Pollard. It's available now on Yuk Yuk Motherfucker Records. Meet the King is the follow up to 2005's Relaxation of the Asshole. Recorded mostly during the final Guided By Voices tour, you get to hear Bob's routines on family ("Fuck you Dad!"), offer advice to the youngsters ("we got any college kids out there looking for jobs? Get wasted when you do your interview!"), take on modern music ("Three years ago I thought Alien Ant Farm was the worst it could get. Now I look back nostalgically on Alien Ant Farm") and even examine his own career ("I'm Burt Bacharach in reverse").

It's a VINYL ONLY - Internet only/(modern day) fan club only release...you know for the fans, for fun...because they like to have it and Bob likes to give it.

Hey, it's funnier than Tenacious D.
Meet The King: Asshole 2
Side A
1.   Rock And Roll Soldier [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
2.   I'm The Frog [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
3.   Reality [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
4.   Johnny Appleseed/Insane Asylum [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
5.   Dick Pants On [Live]
6.   Old John Meyer [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
7.   300 Toes And Heavy The World [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
8.   The Heart, The Lungs & The Liver Of It All [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
9.   God Gave Us Rock And Roll [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
Side B
1.   The Hateful Fred [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
2.   Loophole [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
3.   Burt Bacharach In Reverse [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
4.   Buy Me A Shirt [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
5.   Screw Foot [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
6.   Song About Your City [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
7.   Get Wasted [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
8.   I Like To Give Beer To Kids [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
9.   Blaze Of Fire [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]
10.  G!B!V! [Live] [Dialog-Only Track]