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The Flying Party Is Here! [Promo]

Guided By Voices

This is a list of songs that were to appear on this proposed/aborted/unreleased album. This is not an actual release.
Released: 1995
Format: Proposed/Aborted Album
Label: Matador
Catalog #:
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 17
Side 1
Side 2
Limited Promo cassette put out by Matador before this version of The Flying Party Is Here was scrapped for a 2nd version, and then ultimately for what became Under The Bushes, Under The Stars.

Note: A few songs are listed with alternate titles. "Pluto Is Polluted" is the same song as "He's The Uncle", released on the GBV/Superchunk split CD. "Newton's Hopeless Marriage" is NOT the track with the same name on the Acid Ranch 2LP, rather it is the same song as "Take To The Sky" that appears on Under The Bushes, Under The Stars. And "Stingy Queens" is NOT the same song that appears on Suitcase 2, rather it is the same song as "The Ash Gray Proclamation" which appears on Not In My Airforce (also called "Applehead" on other Flying Party tracklistings).
The Flying Party Is Here!
Side 1
1.   Deaf Ears
2.   The Official Ironmen Rally Song
3.   Sheetkickers
4.   Key Losers
5.   Why Did You Land?
6.   Pluto Is Polluted
7.   The Winter Cows [Alternate Mix]
8.   Drag Days
Side 2
1.   Big Boring Wedding
2.   A Contest Featuring Human Beings
3.   It's Like Soul Man
4.   Bender's Bluffing Muscles
5.   Systems Crash (The Universe)
6.   Redmen And Their Wives
7.   Newton's Hopeless Marriage [Different Song]
8.   Don't Stop Now
9.   Stingy Queens [Different Song]