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Sgt. Disco

Circus Devils

Released: 2007
Format: 2 LP
Label: Happy Jack Rock Records
Catalog #: HJRR-13
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 2
# Tracks: 32
Gatefold Cover:Yes
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Front Cover
Release notes: The SGT. says "the record with my name on it is for EVERYONE, not just for those who enjoy music."


In 2001, Robert Pollard and the brothers Tobias formed Circus Devils and veered off the pop highway and straight into a deep hole, where they mingled with nursery rhyme characters of the future, invisible present-day villains and heroes, and the ghosts of rock-and-roll past. The bandís strange journey culminates in the appearance of Sgt. Disco. Circus Devils incorporates a musical alchemy of hard rock and soft rock, ugliness and beauty, tension and ambience, eerie moods, stories, humor, and rock opera theatrics, resulting in a strangely coherent cinematic music experience. Only 500 pressed; 470 FOR SALE.

Vinyl version is a double LP with gatefold sleeve. High quality job!

The CD version of this release is available from Ipecac Records. Rockathon will be the only place you can get the vinyl version.

Original Release date was summer 2007 but it was pushed back a few months due to a few production errors.

Note: detailed album and track credits provided by Todd Tobias.
Sgt. Disco 1/2
Side One
1.   Zig Zag 1:36
2.   In Madonna's Gazebo 2:13
3.   George Took A Shovel 2:31
4.   Pattern Girl 3:30
5.   Nicky Highpockets 1:47
6.   Love Hate Relationship With The Human Race 1:45
7.   Brick Soul Mascots (Part 1) 4:11
Side Two
1.   Break My Leg 1:36
2.   Outlasting Girafalo 1:48
3.   The Assassins' Ballroom (Get Your Ass In) 3:22
4.   The Winner's Circle 1:54
5.   The Constable's Headscape 1:54
6.   In Your Office 1:35
7.   New Boy 1:04
8.   Puke It Up 0:38
9.   Swing Shift 2:47
Total Length: 34:11
Sgt. Disco 2/2
Side Three
1.   Happy Zones 4:19
2.   The Pit Fighter 2:28
3.   Bogus Reactions 1:47
4.   Hot Lettuce 1:49
5.   Safer Than Hooking 1:58
6.   Dead Duck Dinosaur 2:00
7.   Do This 1:00
8.   Brick Soul Mascots (Part 2) 2:36
Side Four
1.   Caravan 0:56
2.   Lance The Boiling Son 2:14
3.   War Horsies 2:26
4.   French Horn Litigation 2:52
5.   The Baby That Never Smiled 0:33
6.   Man Of Spare Parts 1:21
7.   Rose In Paradise 1:51
8.   Summer Is Set 3:02
Total Length: 33:12
Other Formats
Label - Catalog [Format] (Country) # Tracks
Ipecac - IPC-090 [CD] (U.S.A.) 32

Album Credits
Role Name
Cover Robert Pollard
Layout Rich Turiel
Role Name
Instrumentation And Noises Todd Tobias
Lyrics Robert Pollard
Vocals Robert Pollard
Role Name
Engineer Todd Tobias
Mastering Chris Keffer
Mixing Todd Tobias
Producer Todd Tobias
Role Name
Recording Location Waterloo Sound - Kent, OH