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Suitcase 3

Guided By Voices

Released: 11/03/2009
Format: 4 CD Box Set
Label: Guided By Voices Inc.
Catalog #: GBVI-8
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 4
# Tracks: 100
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Box Front Cover
Rare Knuckles And MacDougal Band Photograph
Box Back Cover
Disc 9 Front Cover
Disc 9 Back Cover
Disc 10 Front Cover
Disc 10 Back Cover
Disc 11 Front Cover
Disc 11 Back Cover
Disc 12 Front Cover
Disc 12 Back Cover
Pressing Details
Vinyl Color # Pressed
N/A 2000  (Per RichT)
Release Info: A four-disc set featuring 100 songs. The material spans from the mid-90s to the present, with the fourth disc filled with impromptu acoustic Guided By Voices jams recorded by Pollard, Tobin Sprout, and Greg Demos.

From the back cover: The Players in order of appearance: Robert Pollard, Todd Tobias, Jim Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell, Paul Comstock, Mike Tomlinson, Kevin Fennell, Doug Gillard, Peyton Eric, Randy Campbell, Bruce "Smitty" Smith, Nick Weiser, John Shough, Joe Buben, Mitch Swan, Tim Tobias, Ed "Captain Bizarre" John, Nate Farley, Greg Demos.

Supposedly last Suitcase installment of Guided By Voices outtakes and rarities.

Notes on the original tentative tracklisting that was posted on GBV message board on May 21st, 2009:

Original tentative tracklisting had "Trader Vic" and "Perch Warble" listed with question marks and no band name, so it seems those track selections were still up in the air. "Smothered In Hugs (4-Track Version" ended up replacing "Perch Warble".

Fake Band Name changes from original tentative tracklisting:

  • "Axtual Sectivity" was attributed to "Radiation Feeder Is A Badass Breeder" instead of "Cubscout Bowling Pins"
  • "Class Clown Spots A UFO" was attributed to "Royal Canadian Custard" instead of "Royal Canadien Mustard".
  • "Dibble" was attributed to "Quote A 2 People" instead of "10 Second Coma".
  • "It's The Song" was attributed to "The Uncool Clouds" instead of "Knuckles And MacDougal".
  • "Mainstay" was attributed to "The Danglions" instead of "Angel And The Alley Oops".
  • "A Kind Of Love" was attributed to "Wonderful Ice Cubes" instead of "Basic Switches".
  • "Naked Believer (I Am)" was attributed to "Stodge Griffin" instead of "Curtis E. Flush".
  • "Rough Tracks" was attributed to "Necklace Of Warts" instead of "Psyclops".
  • "Dibble 2" was attributed to "Quit A 2 People" instead of "Aerial Poop Show".
  • "Sonny The Monster" was attributed to Bruce Smitty Smih" instead of "Bruce Smitty Smith".
  • "Fly Away (Tommy Sez)" was was attributed to "Blain Hazel" instead of "Blaine Hazel".
  • "Poison Shop" was attributed to "Heartthrob Johnson Firestone" with two t's instead of "Hearthrob Johnson Firestone".

Song title changes from the original tentative tracklisting:

  • "Kotex Moon" was listed as "Kotex Bliss".
  • "Troopers In The Town" was listed as "Troopers In The Tower".
  • "Escape From Kama Loka" was listed as "Escape From Karma Loka".
  • "Hi, I'm Kelsey" was listed as "Hi, I'm Like Kelsey".
  • "Vagabond Lover" was listed as "Vagabond Lovers".
  • "Old Engine Driver" was listed as "Old English Driver".
  • "Axtual Sectivity" was listed as "Actual Sectivity".
  • "Class Clown Spots A UFO" was listed as "Class Crown Sports A UFO".
  • "Fly Away (Tommy Sez)" was listed as "Fly Away (Terry Sez)".
  • "Fireking Says No Cheating" was simply listed as "Fireking".
  • "Tough Skin River" was listed as "Though Skin River".
  • "Hairspray Lies" was listed as "Hairspray Lize".
  • "I Shot A Jezebel" was listed as "I Just Shot A Jezebel".
  • "Evil Vandalia/Mojo Crow Zenith" was listed as "Evil Vandalia/Mojo Crow".
  • "Oh Pie" was listed as "Oh Ped".
  • "Rapheal Muzak" was listed as "Rachel Muzak"
(some of these appear to be just typos and others were actual changes between initial tracklisting and final release).

Original Disc Name differences from original tentative tracklisting:

  • Disc 10 was listed as "I Can't Think Yeah" instead of "I Can't Think...Yeah".
  • Disc 11 was listed as "Up We Go Now: Thou Shall Red The Wheel" instead of "Thou Shall Read The Wheel".
  • Disc 12 was listed as "Guided By Voices - Tall Take Moon (Antiquated) and Other Known Facts Spontaneous Lo-Fly Energy Field Recordings" instead of "Guided By Voices - Tall Tale Moon (Antiquated) and Other Known Facts - Spontaneous Lo-Fly Field Recordings".

Original tracklisting notes on the last disc:

The last disc was subtitled "Controlled Acoustic Jams 1994 : Between the Recordings of Bee Thousand And Alien Lanes" with acoustic guitars and backing vocals by Tobin Sprout and Greg Demos except the first 2 songs and last 3 songs on that disc. Greg Demos credited as lead vocalist on "Tough Skin River". The first 2 songs and last 2 songs on the last disc are listed as Robert Pollard demos for Alien Lanes.
Suitcase 3 (Disc 9): The Door Is Much Smaller, You See
201.  Mr. Inspection Table  -  Building A Castle
202.  Explosion Topic  -  Tired Of Knocking
203.  The Sobbers  -  Together/Apart
204.  Remington Ash  -  Away With Driver
205.  Demon Gods Of Anger  -  Trash Truck
206.  Manners Of Flash  -  Dropping The Bomb
207.  Remington Ash  -  What's So Safe About You?
208.  Limited Transplitter  -  Troopers In The Town
209.  The Stools  -  Gas
210.  C.C. Rip  -  Watchin' 'Em Diggin' Up The Road
211.  Fate 1 Mile  -  Coastal Town
212.  Watts  -  Escape From Kama Loka
213.  Ben Franklin Air Bath  -  The Annex
214.  Major Cockamamie  -  Green Ivory Cross
215.  The Beautiful Orange Lemonade  -  Janet Wait
216.  C.C. Rip  -  Independent Productions
217.  Jubilant Toy Soldiers  -  Thee White Flower
218.  Pilthy May  -  Juggernaut Vs. Monolith [Early Version]
219.  The Perfect Nose Club  -  Feels Good
220.  Video Bearhunt  -  Candy Machine
221.  Dream Reaper  -  Air And Also A World
222.  Gel Clay  -  Back To The Navy
223.  The Governers  -  Speak Like Men
224.  Kelsey Boo Flip  -  Hi, I'm Kelsey
225.  Star Of Hungry  -  No Trash Allowed
Suitcase 3 (Disc 10): I Can't Think...Yeah
226.  The Flattering Lights  -  Raphael Muzak
227.  Service Of A Bullet  -  Tear The Ticket In Half
228.  Search  -  I'm An Acting Student
229.  The Sums  -  I'll Come (And When It Does It's Mine)
230.  East Dayton Rock Co.  -  Psychlophobia
231.  East Dayton Rock Co.  -  Take Me Back
232.  Bruce Smitty Smith  -  Sonny The Monster
233.  Pilthy May  -  I Share A Rhythm
234.  The Sobbers  -  Before My Eyes
235.  Gavin Speaks  -  Freedom Rings [Original Version]
236.  Hoof  -  Cochise
237.  The Tallywackers  -  When's The Last Time
238.  Remington Ash  -  That's Good
239.  Pig Lucy  -  You Gotta Lotta Nerve
240.  Mother's Day Haircut  -  Vagabond Lover
241.  Fate 1 Mile  -  Banners
242.  Looker  -  100 Colors
243.  Autobahn Damen  -  Old Engine Driver
244.  Gel Clay  -  Joe
245.  Cubscout Bowling Pins  -  Axtual Sectivity
246.  The Working Girls  -  Call Me
247.  Demon Gods Of Anger  -  Believe It
248.  Royal Canadien Mustard  -  Class Clown Spots A UFO [Demo]
249.  Remington Ash  -  You You You
250.  10 Second Coma  -  Dibble
Suitcase 3 (Disc 11): Thou Shall Read The Wheel
251.  Bird Shit Mosaic  -  Night Ears
252.  The Sobbers  -  Amnesia
253.  Blaine Hazel  -  Fly Away (Tommy Sez)
254.  Jubilant Toy Soldiers  -  Peace And Persecution
255.  The Constant Rushing Forward  -  There Are Other Worlds
256.  Knuckles And MacDougal  -  It's The Song
257.  Erotic Zip Codes  -  One Drop
258.  Angel And The Alley Oops  -  Mainstay
259.  John Sough  -  Sixland
260.  Ghetto Tree  -  How Bridges Fall
261.  Basic Switches  -  A Kind Of Love
262.  Naymoan Regas  -  Bad Whiskey
263.  Curtis E. Flush  -  Naked Believer (I Am)
264.  Heartless Microscopes  -  Out Of The House
265.  Equal In Coma  -  Grow
266.  Psyclops  -  Rough Tracks
267.  Gel Clay  -  Nothing So Hard
268.  Bumble Gub  -  Piss Along You Bird
269.  Gene Autrey's Psychic  -  300 Birds (Quota)
270.  The CD's  -  Fireking Says No Cheating
271.  Hearthrob Johnson Firestone  -  Poison Shop
272.  The Worst Santini  -  Trader Vic
273.  History Of Well Hung Men  -  Smothered In Hugs [4-Track Version]
274.  Aerial Poop Show  -  Dibble 2
275.  Kid Biscuit  -  Huffman Prairie Flying Field [Demo]
Guided By Voices - Tall Tale Moon (Antiquated) and Other Known Facts - Spontaneous Lo-Fly Field Recordings (Controlled Acoustic Jams 1994 - Between The Recordings Of Bee Thousand And Alien Lanes)
1.   Guided By Voices  -  Pluto Is Polluted [Acoustic Version]
2.   Guided By Voices  -  Aquarian Hovercraft
3.   Guided By Voices  -  Brand New Star
4.   Guided By Voices  -  Sea-Mint Robots
5.   Guided By Voices  -  South Rat Observatory
6.   Guided By Voices  -  The Cinnamon Flavored Skull
7.   Guided By Voices  -  Porpoise Mitten (Was A Real Good Kitten)
8.   Guided By Voices  -  Mr. Spoon
9.   Guided By Voices  -  Hey Mr. Soundman [Acoustic Version]
10.  Guided By Voices  -  Oh Pie
11.  Guided By Voices  -  Kotex Moon
12.  Guided By Voices  -  Bingo Pool Hall Of Blood
13.  Guided By Voices  -  There Goes The King Again
14.  Guided By Voices  -  Evil Vandalia/Mojo Crow Zenith
15.  Guided By Voices  -  Cuddling Bozo's Octopus
16.  Guided By Voices  -  I Shot A Jezebel
17.  Guided By Voices  -  After The Quake (Let's Bake A Cake)
18.  Guided By Voices  -  P Melts Everything
19.  Guided By Voices  -  My Dad Is A Motorboat
20.  Guided By Voices  -  Ugly Ba Ba
21.  Guided By Voices  -  Hairspray Lies
22.  Guided By Voices  -  Sawhorse With Big Blue Ears
23.  Guided By Voices  -  Tough Skin River
24.  Guided By Voices  -  Cruise [Acoustic Version]
25.  Guided By Voices  -  Alright [Acoustic Version]