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Starfish Room - Vancouver, BC, Canada [Live]

Guided By Voices

Date: 04/13/1995
Format: Gig
Audio Exists: No
Video Exists: No
Tour: Alien Lanes Tour
Support: Mary Lou Lord, Elliott Smith, also Superconductor

Gig listed in GBV Alien Lanes 1995 Tour itinerary (as of 2/22/95). After this gig Tobin had to fly home after the show because his wife was going to have the baby early. Guitar tech Nate Farley took over guitar duties for the rest of April end the tour concluded. In the GBV Alien Lanes 1995 Tour itinerary it lists the last show as Nile Theatre in Mesa, AZ on April 24th. April 25th lists "Drive home" and April 26th says "Waiting for the little Sprout!!!"

Found this internet posting on the Best of 95 by James Covey from Dec 19, 1995 that mentioned this gig:

P.S. Actually, I can't shut up yet 'cuz I fergot to mention Sianspheric as one of the best bands, Land of the Loops' Multi-Family Garage Sale as one of the best singles and the song Dodging Invisible Rays on the new Guided By Voices 7" as one of the best songs EVER! Plus, the GBV/Mary Lou Lord/Superconductor gig at the Starfish Room in Vancouver was brilliant too!
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