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Valley Media - Woodland, CA, U.S.A. [Live]

Guided By Voices

Date: 07/01/1999
Format: Gig
Type: Private Event
Audio Exists: No
Video Exists: No
Notes on the show from Michael who was there:
On July 1st, 1999 in Woodland, CA (outside Sacramento) around noon, GBV played a short, electric live set, indoors "on the green" at a wholesale music distributor (now closed) called Valley Media. I know this because I worked there at the time and was there for it all. Bob and the band were brought in to promote the upcoming Do The Collapse album. Going by memory, the band played about a 25 min set consisting of 3 or 4 DTC tunes, maybe one or two from Kid Marine and Speak Kindly, and Game Of Pricks. I recall Bob telling the lunch hour crowd, it was their first show they've done totally sober-or something like that. The band was in great spirits and hung out for a good hour after the set and signed autographs and talked with all the GBV fans who worked there.
Valley Media - Woodland, CA
Contains multiple tracks, including:
Game Of Pricks