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Back To Saturn X EP

Guided By Voices

This is a list of songs that were to appear on this proposed/aborted/unreleased album. This is not an actual release.
Released: 1992
Format: Proposed/Aborted Album
Label: Daytone Records
Catalog #:
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 1
# Tracks: 4
Aborted EP Cover Artwork From Propeller 16
Credits From Propeller 16
Aborted EP with 4 songs. Artwork appears on Propeller 16 and was confirmed by Trader Vic and Bob to be from the aborted Back To Saturn X EP.

Credits are also listed on Propeller 16. It says Date Recorded was 7/14/1992.
Back To Saturn X EP
1.   Sopor Joe
2.   Crutch Came Slinking
1.   Melted Pat
2.   Chicken Blows