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Do Not Try To Adjust Your Set I Am The Vertical And The Horizontal

Cash Rivers And The Sinners

Released: 10/26/2018
Format: 2 LP
Label: Imaginary Man Recordings
Catalog #: 1
Country: U.S.A.
Discs: 2
# Tracks: 69
Gatefold Cover:Yes
Front Cover
Back Cover
Back Cover Closeup (Side 1)
Back Cover Closeup (Side 2)
Back Cover Closeup (Side 3)
Back Cover Closeup (Side 4)
Back Cover Closeup (Main Credits)
Back Cover Closeup (Additional Credits)
Back Cover Closeup (Imaginary Man Records Logo)
Bob Note Posted On GBV Website
Orchestrated horseshit from Cash Rivers! The Sinners sell out on this 69-track psychedelic tour de force spanning genres such as country, western, country & western, rock, pop, reggae, punk, metal, hip-hop, disco, swing, children's, surf, glam, post-punk and doo-wop.

"Sprawling 69 track Cash Rivers and the Sinners double album" mentioned by Bob in a note posted on GuidedByVoices.com.

"First of all to round out 2018, the sprawling 69 track Cash Rivers and the Sinners double album Do Not Try To Adjust Your Set, I Am The Vertical and The Horizontal. It's a semi-tasteless very humorous retro 60's/70's radio/T.V. concept. If you go into it with an open mind you might find it mildly entertaining with a few pretty good songs. Them Sinners can play. It's Cash's last reecord and will be commemorated in 2019 with the "10 Month Anniversary" deluxe double CD package of Cash's entire ouvre, including the She Laughed, I Left 7", Blue Balls Lincoln LP and lots of bonus Vertical/Horizontal outtakes. Then it's R.I.P. Cash and the Sinners."

Rockathon Records email note after pre-ordering: "Thanks for supporting country legend Cash Rivers. This is a pre-sale item. Release date is October 26th."
Do Not Try To Adjust Your Set I Am The Vertical And The Horizontal (Disc 1)
Side One
1.   Intro 0:08
2.   Children Of The Popcorn 1:02
3.   Cheap Truck 1:31
4.   My Jagwire 1:38
5.   We Gotta Go 0:35
6.   Bug Race 0:11
7.   Object In Motion 0:37
8.   I Wouldn't 1:29
9.   Slide On Sloopy 1:06
10.  Take Her Home, Tuck Her In And Go Back Out 1:05
11.  Bubble Country TV Spot 0:38
12.  Soda Pop 1:08
13.  She's Too Big To Be My Baby 1:34
14.  She Discoed Out The Door 1:08
15.  Got Get 'Em David 0:52
16.  Barber Shop Quintet Champions Of Minneapolis 0:12
17.  Rock And Roll Keeps You Alive 0:21
18.  My Heart's Still Beating 1:31
Side Two
1.   He Lives Upstairs 1:39
2.   Orchestrated Horseshit Radio Spot 0:09
3.   Bobby Bare 1:23
4.   Future Of Rock 1:03
5.   Crispy Old Crackhead 1:01
6.   Robot Arms 1:03
7.   Cats Crevens 1:58
8.   Buffalo Eleanor 0:49
9.   There's No Such Thing As Global Warming 0:45
10.  Lyin' M F 1:25
11.  It's Only Rock And Roll 1:18
12.  MB On GNR
13.  O Brother You're Out There 0:27
14.  Orchestrated Horseshit Radio Spot 2 0:07
15.  Honky Tonk Bebop Lover 0:33
16.  T V's Got A Lot Of Things On His Mind 0:39
17.  Don't Mock A Chihuahua 0:24
18.  Blindsiding A Leprechaun 1:23
19.  Bobby Bare Promo-No ProbLimo 0:31
Total Length: 33:23
Do Not Try To Adjust Your Set I Am The Vertical And The Horizontal (Disc 2)
Side Three
1.   Corn Country 2:49
2.   What Goes Up 0:36
3.   Warning 0:05
4.   Tiny Cocka 0:18
5.   Marathon Penis Go 0:45
6.   Cellphone Baby 1:01
7.   9 Kids By 8 Different Women 0:21
8.   Voodoo Lady 0:38
9.   Taco Tuesday Plug 0:08
10.  Honolulu Titties 1:31
11.  Crazy Evil Dancer 0:50
12.  Winona On The Rider 1:18
13.  Tiny Cocka 1 0:27
14.  The Hair 1:00
15.  Ready For A Sitdown 0:28
16.  She Thinks I'm Sexist 2:04
Side Four
1.   Sex Change Operation 1:00
2.   Did You Hear Me Have To Say I Love You To A Man? 1:28
3.   You Know You Said Woah 1:19
4.   Fifth Village Man 0:28
5.   We Party Hard 1:01
6.   Delicious Brown Acid/Country Essence 0:46
7.   For Every Action 0:39
8.   Party Pooper 1:09
9.   The Backwash 0:44
10.  Eddie Spaghetti 0:40
11.  Shit All Over The Place 0:44
12.  John Shut Up 0:40
13.  Bubble Country 2 0:33
14.  2 O'Clock In The Morning And I'm Still Rockin' 2:09
15.  Newton's Laws 0:44
16.  You Know We Get Happy When The Sun Goes Down 3:00
Total Length: 31:23
Album Credits
Role Name
Front Cover Photo Of His Own Pasta Dish Sculpture Marvin Keltch
Layout Cash Rivers
Layout Joe Patterson
Lettin Us Use Picture Of Gentleman On Inside Cover Pat From Pat's Lido Bar In Dayton, OH
Role Name
Bass Arlen Rhodes
Bass Dukey Rogers
Bass Harry Covair
Drums Arlen Rhodes
Drums Harry Covair
Drums Ryan Stone
Field Recordings Dukey Rogers
Guitar Arlen Rhodes
Guitar Doozy Druthers
Guitar Dukey Rogers
Guitar Harry Covair
Guitar Ryan Stone
Horns Harry Covair
Lead Singer Cash Rivers
More Harry Covair
Piano Harry Covair
Piano Ryan Stone
Strings Harry Covair
Vocals - Backing Doozy Druthers
Vocals - Backing Harry Covair
Role Name
Engineer Arlen Rhodes
Engineer Harry Covair
Knobs Arlen Rhodes
Mastering Arlen Rhodes
Mixing Arlen Rhodes
Mixing Harry Covair
Role Name
Additional Recording Ray Ketchem
Additional Recording Location Magic Door
Mastering Location Serious Business Music - Brooklyn (Dumbo), NY
Mixing Location On His Own Across America
Mixing Location Serious Business Music - Brooklyn (Dumbo), NY
Recording Location On His Own Across America
Recording Location Serious Business Music - Brooklyn (Dumbo), NY
Role Name
Copyright 2018
Role Name
Chief Field Archivist Dukey Rogers
Role Name
Extras Bruce Horner
Extras John Shilt
Extras Randy Campbell
Extras Ricky Lee Shook