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Douglas Scott Gillard - Part 1

Various Artists

Released: 09/22/2020
Format: Digital
Label: Rockathon Records
Catalog #:
Country: U.S.A.
Items: 1
# Tracks: 17
Front Cover
This digital release was part of the one-year HOT FREAKS subscription started during the 2020 pandemic that delivered weekly emails on Tuesdays that contained sneak previews of brand new songs, plus rarities, never-before-heard tracks, demos, live concert recordings, rare photos and videos, recording secrets, exclusive swag offers, and many more surprises from deep within the Guided By Voices vaults. HOT FREAKS subscription cost was $100 for one year for exclusive access to downloads and streaming content (with easy-to-use apps for phones or computer).

HOT FREAKS - Week 19

Douglas Scott Gillard - Part 1

A partial overview of Doug's career and solo musical history, featuring mostly rarities. (Cover photo: Sitting in with a wedding band at age 13, 1979)

All instruments and vocals by Doug Gillard except *

Tk.1: "Needles In The Camel's Eye" (B. Eno) from the Doug Gillard cassette release, Cover Songs With Big Heads, recorded in 1984 and released in 1985

Tk. 2: "Lurker On The Threshold" (Gillard/Sims) from the Children's Crusade 1984 cassette release, A Duty Dance With Death. Lead vocals/lyrics by Fraser Sims; instruments and addtional vocals by Doug Gillard. (Fraser and Doug formed the hardcore band Starvation Army with drummer Sean Saley while in high school. When they were 18, Doug and Fraser did the Children's Crusade project. Lyrics were from Fraser's poems and prose. Doug wrote and recorded the music.)

Tk. 3: "(When Held Up In The) Course Of Time" by Death Of Samantha (Gillard/Petkovic) from a 1990 unreleased Death Of Samantha album. *John Petkovic on backing vocals; Marky Ray on bass; Doug Gillard on guitars, vocals and backing vocals; mixing and production by Sean Beavan.

Tk. 4: "Unawares" by Doug Gillard. Recorded in 1990, included on the Scat Records' Hotel Cleveland - Volume 3 compilation in 1992. That year, Doug was helping Robert Griffin package these comps in his apartment, when Robert played him an album by a band he planned on signing to Scat, Guided By Voices.

Tk. 5: "Something To Point To" demo, for a song later recorded by Gem.

Tk. 6: "Jump Into The Fire" (H. Nilsson) recorded by Gem live to cassette during a rehearsal. * Chris Burgess on bass; Scott Pickering on drums; Tim Tobias on rhythm guitar; Doug Gillard on guitar/vocals.

Tk. 7: "Drool" (D. Gillard) is the B-side of Gem's 7-inch, Suburban Girl. *Same lineup as Tk. 6.

Tk. 8: "Livery" home demo, which was later recorded and released on 1999's Malamute Jute EP.

Tk. 9: "The Mind Refuser" alt. mix. Recorded on a 4-track in 1998, later to appear on the Guided By Voices' album, Half Smiles Of The Decomposed, released in Japan.

Tk. 10: "Free Of This World" solo home demo re-recorded in 2003 and released on Guided By Voices' CD single, The Best Of Jill Hives.

Tk. 11: "Gogol Was Rollo" demo, circa 2001. Re-recorded in 2009 for the Doug Gillard solo album, Call From Restricted.

Tk. 12: "Pammy's Theme" was recorded in 2004, and submitted as an extra track for Robert Pollard's, Zoom (It Happens All Over The World) in 2005.

Tk. 13: "Blockout" (live version) from the Doug Gillard solo album, Salamander.

Tk. 14: "A Mallard Pushing" appears on ESP Ohio's, The Royal Cyclopean 7-inch. *Travis Harrison on drums; Mark Shue on bass

Tk. 15: "Stealth Control" is a newly recorded and unreleased track. *Travis Harrison on drums

Tk. 16: "Animal Parade" was recorded circa early 70s, at age 7-ish, and released on It'll Be Such A Thrill - a 1990 cassette release of Gillard's songs from ages 5-9, played on “Magic Music Box”.

Tk. 17: "Chinese Dog" was recorded circa early 70s, at age 7-ish, and played on a Sears Emenee Fireball guitar. “We had a Pekingese dog named Bimbo until I was 6 or so, that my dad kept outside in a doghouse, even in Ohio winters. This song is undoubtedly about that dog.” - DG

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Douglas Scott Gillard - Part 1
1.   Doug Gillard  -  Needles In The Camel's Eye 3:11
2.   Children's Crusade  -  Lurker On The Threshold 4:22
3.   Death Of Samantha  -  (When Held Up In The) Course Of Time 4:25
4.   Doug Gillard  -  Unawares 3:23
5.   Doug Gillard  -  Something To Point To [Demo] 3:59
6.   Gem  -  Jump Into The Fire 5:02
7.   Gem  -  Drool 4:26
8.   Doug Gillard  -  Livery [Demo] 2:14
9.   Doug Gillard  -  The Mind Refuser [Demo] 5:28
10.  Doug Gillard  -  Free Of This World [Demo] 2:54
11.  Doug Gillard  -  Gogol Was Rollo [Demo] 2:52
12.  Doug Gillard  -  Pammy's Theme 3:03
13.  Doug Gillard  -  Blackout [Live] 2:27
14.  ESP Ohio  -  A Mallard Pushing 1:20
15.  Doug Gillard  -  Stealth Control 4:00
16.  Doug Gillard  -  Animal Parade 2:03
17.  Doug Gillard  -  Chinese Dog 2:18
Total Length: 57:27