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Douglas Scott Gillard - Part 2

Various Artists

Released: 11/10/2020
Format: Digital
Label: Rockathon Records
Catalog #:
Country: U.S.A.
Items: 1
# Tracks: 16
Front Cover
This digital release was part of the one-year HOT FREAKS subscription started during the 2020 pandemic that delivered weekly emails on Tuesdays that contained sneak previews of brand new songs, plus rarities, never-before-heard tracks, demos, live concert recordings, rare photos and videos, recording secrets, exclusive swag offers, and many more surprises from deep within the Guided By Voices vaults. HOT FREAKS subscription cost was $100 for one year for exclusive access to downloads and streaming content (with easy-to-use apps for phones or computer).

HOT FREAKS - Week 26

Douglas Scott Gillard - Part 2

A continuation of Doug's career and solo musical history, featuring mostly rarities.

All instruments and vocals by Doug Gillard except *

Tk. 1: "Decade Of The Worm" - (Gillard / Sims) from the Children's Crusade 1984 cassette release, From A Duty Dance With Death. Fraser Sims on vocals, Doug Gillard on instruments.

Tk. 2: "Blue Venus Aflame" - Children's Crusade. Recorded in 1985 but not released until 1990's. On Children's Crusade EP, Scorpio Moon on Scat Records.

Tk. 3: "Acoustic instrumental" - Original version of a song recorded in 1990 and submitted for WCSB's "Cassettefest" week. A portion was later excerpted & slowed down on the orig. 4-track tape, then given to Robert Pollard by Gillard, circa 1994. Robert sang on the slowed down version to create "Mice Feel Nice (In My Room)" on Guided By Voices' Tigerbomb EP. (1995)

Tk. 4: "Suburban Girl" - Initial home demo. Later recorded and released as Gem's first single, and included on 1995's Hexed LP.

Tk. 5: "I Am A Tree" - Original demo using drum machine and 4-track machine. (1993)

Tk. 6: "Moonage Daydream" (D. Bowie) The band Gem recorded this live at WRUW's "Studio-A-Rama", Cleveland Ohio. (1993) *

Tk. 7: "Kisses To The Crying Cooks" - (R. Pollard) Alternate mix of this song, recorded for the Blatant Doom Trip compilation. (1995)

Tk. 8: "Gloaming Blue" - Recorded on 4-track in 1996. Appears on Hydroponic Mascara - Vol. 2 comp. (2000)

Tk. 9: "Going Round" - Rough mix of a song on the Malamute Jute EP.

Tk. 10: "Bells Of Rhymney" - Live at Secret Squirrel in Athens, GA. Live cover of the Byrds-via-Soft Boys version of the Pete Seeger/Idris Davies mining song. (2006)

Tk. 11: "From What I've Done" - Alternate mix for a 2008 compilation. Other mix appears on Doug Gillard's, Call From Restricted LP.

Tk.12: "Breaking In Two" - A-side from 7-inch. Travis Harrison on drums; Erik Paparozzi and Doug Gillard on background vox. Recorded by Travis Harrison at Serious Business. (2011)

Tk. 13: "Red Nose Speedway" - B-side of Guided By Voices' 7-inch, That's Good.

Tk. 14: "Cannons" - New & unreleased (2020)

Tk. 15: "Rock Song" - Recorded circa early 70s at age 7-ish. Released on It'll Be Such A Thrill, a 1990 cassette release of songs recorded from age 5-9.

Tk. 16: "Wolf On The Couch" - Recorded at age 8 or 9, from It'll Be Such A Thrill LP.

MP3 or WAV download.
Douglas Scott Gillard - Part 2
1.   Children's Crusade  -  Decade Of The Worm 3:30
2.   Children's Crusade  -  Blue Venus Aflame 6:37
3.   Doug Gillard  -  Acoustic Instrumental 4:24
4.   Doug Gillard  -  Suburban Girl [Initial Home Demo] 3:47
5.   Doug Gillard  -  I Am A Tree [Original Demo] 7:08
6.   Gem  -  Moonage Daydream [Live] 4:12
7.   Doug Gillard  -  Kisses To The Crying Cooks [Alternate Mix] 1:53
8.   Doug Gillard  -  Gloaming Blue 5:02
9.   Doug Gillard  -  Going Round [Rough Mix] 4:51
10.  Doug Gillard  -  Bells Of Rhymney [Live] 3:27
11.  Doug Gillard  -  From What I've Done [Alternate Mix] 4:53
12.  Doug Gillard  -  Breaking In Two 2:38
13.  Guided By Voices  -  Red Nose Speedway 2:27
14.  Doug Gillard  -  Cannons 4:21
15.  Doug Gillard  -  Rock Song 3:29
16.  Doug Gillard  -  Wolf On The Couch 1:28
Total Length: 01:04:07