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Do The Collapse - Part 2 (Band Demos)

Guided By Voices

Released: 12/15/2020
Format: Digital
Label: Rockathon Records
Catalog #:
Country: U.S.A.
Items: 1
# Tracks: 5
Front Cover
This digital release was part of the one-year HOT FREAKS subscription started during the 2020 pandemic that delivered weekly emails on Tuesdays that contained sneak previews of brand new songs, plus rarities, never-before-heard tracks, demos, live concert recordings, rare photos and videos, recording secrets, exclusive swag offers, and many more surprises from deep within the Guided By Voices vaults. HOT FREAKS subscription cost was $100 for one year for exclusive access to downloads and streaming content (with easy-to-use apps for phones or computer).

HOT FREAKS - Week 31

Do The Collapse - Part 2 (band demos)

Robert Pollard, Doug Gillard, Greg Demos, Jim MacPherson
Engineer: John Shough
All songs written by Robert Pollard

Following the inglorious firing of (most of) the Mag Earwhig line-up and the recording of Waved Out, GBV manager David Newgarden asked Robert Pollard whether he wanted to make more solo records, or make a GBV record with a producer while Matador Records was still willing to risk money on such extravagant pursuits. The label was co-releasing some bigger budget projects (including Liz Phair) with Capitol Records. Without hesitation, Pollard said he’d like to try a producer. Asked who would be his dream producer, he quickly responded, "Mutt Lange or Ric Ocasek."

In February of 1998, after hearing Pollard & Gillard's demos (see Hot Freaks Week 3 - Do The Collapse Part 1), Matador requested that the full band record 4 or 5 songs in a Dayton studio to play for Gary Gersh at Capitol Records. Along with Doug Gillard, the new line-up that Pollard assembled included occasional member (and full-time attorney) Greg Demos and Breeders’ drummer Jim MacPherson, who would both also play on Pollard’s Kid Marine that year. They recorded the demos in one day at Cro-Magnon Studios in Dayton.

Due to budget constraints, the original working plan was for Ric Ocasek to produce 4 or 5 songs, and for GBV to record the rest of the album without a producer. Ocasek offered to record the entire album for zero money up front.

"Fly Into Ashes" didn't get recorded for the album, and was released on British, Dutch & Australian b-sides, as well as Daredevil Stamp Collector and Hold On Hope EPs. "Teenage FBI" demo version was included on a Creation Records Hold On Hope promotional CD sent to radio stations. But Creation suddenly shut down that month, so plans for UK radio were squashed.

Cover photo: Pollard and Ocasek at Matador Records.

MP3 or WAV download.
Do The Collapse - Part 2 (Band Demos)
1.   Surgical Focus [Band Demo] 2:51
2.   Teenage FBI [Band Demo] 2:17
3.   Things I Will Keep [Band Demo] 2:30
4.   Fly Into Ashes 2:30
5.   Picture Me Big Time [Band Demo] 2:57
Total Length: 13:05
Album Credits
Role Name
Band Member Doug Gillard
Band Member Greg Demos
Band Member Jim Macpherson
Band Member Robert Pollard
Role Name
Engineer John Shough
Role Name
Publisher Needmore Songs
Songwriter Robert Pollard