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Brightside - Dayton, OH, U.S.A. [Live]

Guided By Voices

Date: 07/07/2020
Format: Gig
# Songs: 53
Audio Exists: No
Video Exists: No
Tour: World Tour 2020
Gig Ad
Only live performance of 2020, played at Brightside and recorded for streaming on Noonchorus.com. Billed as "World Tour 2020".

Original Concert Info:
Streaming Concert
At NoonChorus.com on July 17th
5pm Eastern time
plus 96-hour post-show streaming on demand
Full electric set from an empty venue to your living room.
Professionally mixed and pre-recorded with 7 cameras on a big socially-distanced stage. Unlike a lot of other streams, this is not acoustic in the living room… It will look and sound amazing.

Tickets: $20 advance / $25 day of show (includes free audio download of concert)
Brightside - Dayton, OH
1.   Year Of The Hard Hitter
2.   Volcano
3.   Everybody Thinks I'm A Raincloud (When I'm Not Looking)
4.   Haircut Sphinx
5.   Your Name Is Wild
6.   To Keep An Area
7.   Moses On A Snail
8.   My Son Cool
9.   Unfun Glitz
10.  Cat Beats A Drum
11.  Windjammer
12.  Twilight Campfighter
13.  Queen Parking Lot
14.  Arthur Has Business Elsewhere
15.  Motor Away
16.  Dead Liquor Store
17.  Choking Tara
18.  I Am A Tree
19.  Always Gone
20.  Cut-Out Witch
21.  Physician
22.  Man Called Blunder
23.  Chasing Heather Crazy
24.  Hot Freaks
25.  Shocker In Gloomtown
26.  The Very Second
27.  Drinker's Peace
28.  Glad Girls
29.  Whiskey Ships
30.  And I Don't (But Now I Do)
31.  The Rally Boys
32.  Tractor Rape Chain
33.  Ego Central High
34.  Blue Jay House
35.  Peep-Hole
36.  See My Field
37.  Closer You Are
38.  Sons Of The Beard
39.  The Best Of Jill Hives
40.  Jane Of The Waking Universe
41.  You Own The Night
42.  End It With Light
43.  Please Be Honest
44.  Back To The Lake
45.  My Kind Of Soldier
46.  Yours To Keep
47.  Echos Myron
48.  The Official Ironmen Rally Song
49.  Teenage FBI
50.  The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
51.  Game Of Pricks
52.  I Am A Scientist
53.  Next Sea Level
Album Credits
Role Name
Band Member Bobby Bare, Jr.
Band Member Doug Gillard
Band Member Kevin March
Band Member Mark Shue
Band Member Robert Pollard