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Urban Geek Studios

Track Credits:

Mastered At
747 Ego
747 Ego (Oh Yeah)
A Farewell To Arms
A Good Circuitry Soldier [Demo]
A Kind Of Love
All Men Are Freezing
Are You Happening?
Bad And Rare
Best Things Goin' Round
Big Trouble
Black Ghost Pie
Blue Gil
Born On Seaweed
Bottoms Up! (You Fantastic Bastard)
Boxing About [Instrumental]
Branding Dennis
Bug House [2 Versions]
Bunco Men
Buzzards And Dreadful Crows [Different Version]
Carnival At The Morning Star School
Chain Wallet Bitch
Cinnamon Flavored Skulls
Cocaine Jane
Cody's Antler
Cruise [Different Version]
Damn Good Mr. Jam [Different Version]
Dank Star Ground Control
Deaf Ears [Different Version]
Devil Doll
Ding Dong Daddy (Is Back From The Bank)
Doctor #8 [Piano Version]
Dorothy's A Planet [Demo]
Driving In The U.S. of A.
Excellent Things
Exploding Anthills [Original Version]
Flesh Ears From June
Go For The Answers
Good For A Few Laughs
Grasshopper Rap
Ha Ha Man [Different Version]
Have It Again
Hold On To Yesterday
I Can See It In Your Eyes
I Think You Would
I'm Cold
I'm No Child
In Walked The Moon
Inside The Blockhouse
Invest In British Steel
It's Easy [Demo]
James Riot
Let's Go Vike
Let's Go! (To War)
Little Head
Little Jimmy The Giant [Original Version]
Long Way To Run
Mallard Smoke
Meddle [Demo]
Medley: This View/True Sensation/On The Wall
Mr. Japan
Mr. McCaslin Will Sell No More Flowers
Mr. Media
My Big Day [3 Versions]
My Feet's Trustworthy Existance
Oh, Blinky
On Short Wave [Demo]
Once In A While
Our Value Of Luxury
Pantherz [Demo]
Perch Warble
Pink Drink [Demo]
Pluto The Skate [Demo]
Rainbow Billy
Rocking Now [Demo]
Scissors And The Clay Ox (In)
Searchlight Pick-Ups
Secret Service
Sentimental Stations
Settlement Down
Shifting Swift Is A Lift
Shit Midas
Shrine To The Dynamic Years (Athens Time Change Riots)
Sickly Sweet
Sing It Out
Spinning Around
Spring Tigers
Static Airplane Jive
Supermarket The Moon
Taco, Buffalo, Birddog And Jesus
Tear It Out
The Flying Party
The Fool Ticket
The Kissing Life
The Terrible Two
Time Machines [Different Version]
Tobacco's Last Stand
Trashed Aircraft
Try To Find You
Trying To Make It Work Again
Turbo Boy
Unshaven Bird [Original Version]
What Are We Coming Up To?
Where I Come From
Why Did You Land? [Slow Version]
Wondering Boy Poet [Piano Version]