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Magnetic North

Cleveland, OH

Track Credits:

Mastered At
(All You Need) To Know
(It's Good To Be) Bug Boy
1 Years Old
A Good Circuitry Soldier
Accident Hero
Accidental Texas Who
Accidents Of Air
Andy Playboy
Architectural Nightmare Man
Are You Sleeping Well?
Ash Ript Telecopter
Ate It Twice
Big O Gets An Earful
Bizarro's Last Quest
Blades And Teeth
Blown Out Man
Boxing About
Brown Submarine
Built To Improve
Butcher Man
By Silence Be Destroyed
Canned Food Demons
Case Of Elimination
Catherine From Mid-October
Cats Love A Parade
Cave Zone
Children Come On
Circle Saw Boys Club
Circus Green Machine
Collapsing The First String
Come Here Beautiful
Come Outside
Compound X
Confessions Of A Teenage Jerk-Off
Conspiracy Of Owls
Cosmic Yellow Children
Count Us In
Current Desperation (Angels Speak Of Nothing)
Customer's Throat
Don't Trust Anybody
Dorothy's A Planet
Dr. Newpile (Can You Guess Him)
Drawing A Picture
Dreaming Of Flying
Dumb Lady
Dunce Codex
Epic Heads
Every Word In The World
Exactly What Words Mean
Exploding Anthills
Faking My Harlequin
Faster The Great
Faulty Superheroes
Fear Of Heat
Feel Not Crushed
Find A Word
Flash Gordon Style
Folded Claws
Forest Of Twins
Found Obstruction Rock N' Rolls (We're The Ones Who Believe In Love)
Full Sun (Dig The Slowness)
Garden Smarm
Gasoline Ragtime
Get A Faceful
Give Up The Grape
Go For The Exit
Go Inside
Gratification To Concrete
He Requested Things
Headache Revolution
Heavy Crown
Her Eyes Play Tricks On The Camera
Here Comes Garcia
Hero Blows The Revolution
Hippsville (Where The Frisbees Fly Forever)
Holy Fire
How Wrong You Are
I Am An All-Star
I Clap For Strangers
I Expect A Kill
I Feel Gone Again
I Felt Revolved
I Have To Drink
I In The World
I Killed A Man Who Looks Like You
Igloo Hearts
Imaginary Queen Anne
In A Circle
It Disappears In The Least Likely Hands (We May Never Not Know)
It Had To Come From Somewhere
It's Easy
It's Easy, Knife
It's Only Natural
Johnny Optimist
Join The Eagles
Keep Me Down
Lake Of Fire
Lay Me Down
Let It Rest For A Little While
Let's Bleed
Life Of A Wife
Looks Is What You Have
Losing Usage
Miles Under The Skin
Minus Drivers
Motion Sickness Ghosts
Mozart's Throne
Mr. Ghost Town
New Theory
Newly Selected Dirt Spots
Nicely Now
Night Of The Golden Underground
Night Playing Tricks
Night When People Go Fast
No Island
No One But I
North 11 AM
Nowhere Is Everywhere
On Shortwave
Our Gaze
Paint The Rocks
Paradise Style
Parakeet Vista
Parts Of Your World
Pegasus Glue Factory
Perverted Eyelash
Photo Enforced Human Highway
Pigeon Tripping
Pill Gone Girl
Pluto The Skate
Poppies To The Wake
Pre-Med's A Trip
Psych Threat
Psycho Is A Bad Boy
Queen Of Stormy Weather
Question Girl All Right
Radical Amazement
Rare Hazel Japan
Rat Trap
Ready To Pop
Real Fun Is No One's Monopoly
Red Cross Vegas Night
Return To Your Ship
Rhoda Rhoda
Ribbon Of Fat
Rud Fins
Run Son Run
Sea Of Dead
Serious Bird Woman (You Turn Me On)
Shadow Port
She Hides In Black
Shielding Whatever Needs You
Sight On Sight
Silence Before Violence
Silk Rotor
Slow Hamilton
Smashed Middle Finger
Soggy Beavers
Speak In Many Colors
Spectrum Factory
Spider Eyes
Stiff Me
Still In Rome
Strange And Pretty Day
Suit Minus The Middle
Supernatural Car Lover
Symbols And Heads
Tails Being Born
Take Me To Yolita
Tattered Lily
Tattoo Mission
The Blondes
The Butler Stands For All Of Us
The Comedian
The Focus (Burning)
The Island Lobby
The Killers
The Louis Armstrong Of Rock and Roll
The Original Heart
The Real Wilderness
The Town That's After Me
Their Biggest Win
There Never Was A Sea Of Love
Things Have Changed (Down In Mexico City)
To The Path!
Tomorrow Will Not Be Another Day
Too Much Fun (Is Too Much Fun)
Top Of My Game
Touched To Be Sure
Towers And Landslides
Trashed Aircraft Baby
Trial Of Affliction And Light Sleeping
True Heart Of Medicine
Two Girl Area
UFO Love Letters
Up Up And Up
Waves, Etc.
Wealth And Hell Being
Weatherman And Skin Goddess
Western Centipede
What A Man
When A Man Walks Away
When We Were Slaves
Whispering Whip
Who Buries The Undertaker?
Wickerman Smile
Winston's Atomic Bird
Wish You Were Young
You Can't Challenge Forward Progress
You Only Need One
You Satisfy Me
You Sold Me Quickly
Youth Leagues
Zero Fix