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Waterloo Sound (Brecksville, OH)

Brecksville, OH

Track Credits:

Recorded At Waterloo Sound (Brecksville, OH)
Amorphous Surprise
Ash Ript Telecopter
Bizarro's Last Quest
Blue Babbleships Bay
Cameo Of A Smile
Case Of Elimination
Circus Green Machine
Class Clown Spots A UFO
Drawing A Picture
Dunce Codex
Everywhere Is Miles From Everywhere
Face Down
Faster The Great
Faster To Babylon
Faulty Superheroes
Find A Word
Finger Gang
Flash Gordon Style
Garden Smarm
Hangover Child
He Requested Things
Her Eyes Play Tricks On The Camera
His Knighthood Photograph
Holy Fire
How Many Stations
I Can See
I Have To Drink
I Killed A Man Who Looks Like You
I'll Take The Cure
In A Circle
It Disappears In The Least Likely Hands (We May Never Not Know)
King Arthur The Red
Mozart's Throne
On Top Of The Vertigo
Parakeet Vista
Photo Enforced Human Highway
Poet Bums
Post-Hydrate Update
Real Fun Is No One's Monopoly
Red Pyramid
Ribbon Of Fat
Rice Train
She Hides In Black
She Lives In An Airport
Shielding Whatever Needs You
Silence Before Violence
Silk Rotor
Smashed Middle Finger
Smoggy Boy
Suit Minus The Middle
Take Me To Yolita
Talking Dogs
The Challenge Is Much More
The Focus (Burning)
The Real Wilderness
Up Instead Of Running
Up Up And Up
We All Got Out (Of The Army)
What A Man
White Flag
Who Buries The Undertaker?
Wild Girl
You Can't Challenge Forward Progress
You Only Need One
You Sold Me Quickly
Your Rate Will Never Go Up
(I'll Make It) Strong For You
(It's Good To Be) Bug Boy
A Dozen Blue Overcoats
A Hair In Every Square Inch Of The House
Aquarian Hovercraft [Different Version]
Blind 20-20
Chevy Marigold
Christmas Girl
Come On Baby Grace
Dr. Newpile (Can You Guess Him)
Dunkirk Is Frozen
Earmarked For Collision
Fly Away (Terry Sez)
Freedom Rings
German Field Of Shadows
I Am An All-Star
I See You Coming
I Took On The London Guys
In The Bathroom (Up 1/2 The Night)
Inspiration Points
It Had To Come From Somewhere
John The Dwarf Wants To Become An Angel
Juggernaut Vs. Monolith
King Green Stamp
Let It Beard
Let More Light Into The House
Make A Record For Lo-Life
Minefield Searcher
New Theory
No Steamboats
Paint The Rocks
Pluto Is Polluted [Different Version]
Pre-Med's A Trip
Red Bodies
Rival GT
Saints Don't Lie
Speed Bumps
Tabby And Lucy
The Ballad Of Bad Whiskey
The British And The French
The Vicelords
The Way Out
There Never Was A Sea Of Love
Toppings Take The Cake
Tourist UFO
Track Star
Trick Of The Telekinetic Newlyweds
Unshaven Bird
Wish You Were Young
You In My Prayer
You Just Can't Tell
(It's Good To Be) Bug Boy
Dr. Newpile (Can You Guess Him)
I Am An All-Star
It Had To Come From Somewhere
New Theory
Paint The Rocks
Pre-Med's A Trip
There Never Was A Sea Of Love
Wish You Were Young