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Tobias Residence (Akron, OH)

Akron, OH

Track Credits:

"In The Mood"
(No) Hell For Humor
A Puritan For Storage
Animal Motel
Apparent the Red Angus
Are You Out With Me?
Artheroid Vogue
Bow Before Your Champion
Buffalo Spiders
Circus Devils Theme
Dog Licking Baby
Dolphins Of Color
Don't Be Late
Dragging The Medicine
Dreaming The Temple
Drill Sgt. Soul
Effective News
Eyes Reload
Feel Try Fury
Future For Germs
Gargoyle City
Glass Boots
Headhunter Who Blocks The Sky
Her Noise
Inkster And King
Just Touch Them
Kingdom of Teeth
Let's Go Back to Bed
Lizard Food
Look Between What's Goin' On
New You (You Can See and Believe)
No Wonder They Don't Stand Tall
North Morning Silver Trip
Not So Fast
Oil Birds
Peace Needle
People Thing
Pinball Mars
Playhouse Hostage
Protect Thy Interests
Raw Reaction
Ringworm Interiors
Sick Color
Silver Eyeballs
Star Peppered Wheatgerm
Sterility Megaplant
Straps Hold Up the Jaw
Tell 'Em The Old Man Is Coming Down
The Bending Sea
The Other Heart
The Word Business
Thelonius Has Eaten All The Paper
We Taught Them Rock And Roll
World 3
You First
You Take The Lead