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My Big Day [3 Versions]

Date Recorded: 1990. 


Co-SongwriterRobert Pollard
Co-SongwriterJim Pollard
PublisherNeedmore Songs
Guitar (2nd Version)Tobin Sprout
Bass Guitar (2nd Version)Tobin Sprout
VocalsRobert Pollard
Metal Trash Can (2nd Version)Robert Pollard
Guitar (3rd Version)Robert Pollard
Bass Guitar (3rd Version)John Shough
Guitar (1st Version)Jim Pollard
Drums (3rd Version)Kevin Fennell
EngineerJohn Shough
EngineerGary King
EngineerSteve Wilbur
EngineerJohn Croslin
EngineerDave Doughman
MasteringMike Hearst
ProducerJohn Shough
ProducerGary King
ProducerSteve Wilbur
ProducerJohn Croslin
ProducerDave Doughman
Mastering LocationUrban Geek Studios

Other Versions:

Song Version
My Big Day
My Big Day [1st Version]


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Source: GBV.com - Originally Transcribed By John Ferguson (With Thanks To Matt Walters, Clay Didier, Ross Michel & Georgia Kabougeris)


First version: Outtake from "Same Place The Fly Got Smashed". Third version: from the aborted "Back To Saturn X" LP.

Appears On:

Artist Title Year Format Label Catalog #
Guided By Voices Suitcase: Failed Experiments And Trashed Aircraft 2000 4 CD Box Set Fading Captain Series 6